In each short session,
you’ll learn tools and techniques to help you achieve Instant Calm…
That lasts


Welcome to Instant Calm!

DISCLAIMER: There are no unicorns or rainbows in these sessions!

  • Are you a teacher or leader experiencing stress, anxiety or exhaustion?
  • Do you find it hard to prioritise time for yourself?
  • Are you just feeling “below average” for you? 

If you can find 15 minutes a week, we can teach you the skills to dramatically improve your wellbeing.

You’ll learn how to develop your ‘calm muscle’ and reduce feelings of stress or anxiety, quickly.

“The Wellbeing sessions with Maria lifted my day. Her gentle yet incisive approach brought clarity and enabled me to prioritise my thoughts and actions. The sessions were a lifeboat in a choppy sea.”

Claire Berry, Head Teacher.

instant calm in a nutshell

√ Online group coaching

√ Live every Thursday at 4 pm during term time

√ 15-minute session

√ Learn a new model or technique

√ Experience a calming practice you can use any time.


Whole school pricing for all staff members from just £595 / year.

Or GET IN TOUCH to talk through great pricing for Councils or Multi-Academy Trusts.

Instant Calm


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Access to the “5-step Wellbeing Action Plan’’ online course.


A free e-copy of Maria’s book, ‘The Pursuit of Sleep.’


6 Masterclasses per year with expert guests. 

“I would just like to say how very useful the session was today. Thanks again!”

Jade, Teacher