The following prices are for an annual subscription:

Small school
(One form entry)

Medium school
(Two form entry)

Large school
(Three form entry +)

Every member of your school or MAT staff will enjoy access to:


The 5-step Wellbeing Action Plan online course.


Live “Instant Calm” weekly wellbeing group coaching sessions during term time (approximately 36 sessions per year).


A half-termly CPD Master class with a wellbeing expert, such as psychologist or behavior specialist etc.

“The Pursuit online training course is the most effective gift a headteacher could offer their staff. It’s like having their own wellbeing buddy gently nudging them into healthier practices that will benefit their physical and mental health.”

Vanessa Mchardy, Integrative Child Psychotherapist

Good staff wellbeing can have a number of benefits for schools, including:

Staff are more able to manage anxiety and stress with improved coping strategies

Staff feeling valued, supported and invested in

Leading to reduced sickness absences (both short term and long term)

Increased productivity and engagement of staff members

Improved retention, due to increased job satisfaction

Positive impact on pupils, including improved educational outcomes, as both staff and children are better able to engage with their work