What next? The Power of Options

Jul 9, 2021 | Podcast

“Work is somewhere I go to do something I’m good at, but it’s not who I am.”

What does an ex-police office know about teacher stress?

Quite a lot, as it turns out. 

Tom Wheelhouse founded Mightify in 2015 because he wasn’t willing to accept that people in frontline roles across society gave so much and got so little in return. 

He left his career as a police officer and decided he would deliver fit-for-purpose wellbeing, personal development and career transition services to frontline people.

In this fascinating and practical episode he shares:

  • The power of options – why people feel trapped, and why very often that isn’t the case.
  • Identity – people generally join teaching because it’s a vocation closely linked to their values. It becomes all-consuming and an identity. What happens when that identity no longer exists or no longer serves a healthy purpose?
  • Proactivity and planning – if we’re going to spend time each year or term having a performance review, couldn’t we spend that time checking in with the person rather than simply the professional role?
  • What happens next? The wellbeing impacts and issues of leaving teaching.

“It all comes back to having that vulnerability and openness to ask and be asked, what do you need right now to thrive?”

You can connect with Tom

His website is mightyfy.co.uk  Free content, regular drop-in sessions, Career Change Club, explore your options in an accessible and friendly way. 

Twitter @mightifyuk

Facebook @mightifyuk

YouTube @mightifyuk

Instagram  @mightifyuk

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Connect with Maria

On Twitter @Mariabrosnan

On LinkedIn Maria Brosnan

On Instagram @pursuitwellbeing

Find out more about our 5-step Wellbeing Action Plan for teachers online course.

And Maria’s book, The Pursuit of Sleep for teachers, is available now.


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