How you feel on a daily basis has been shown to directly affect your performance and, in turn, the performance of the pupils you teach or engage with.

We know this has been a very challenging period for everyone in school, with uncertainty still on the horizon.

That’s why we designed the course specifically for teachers, school leaders, Mental Health First Aiders and other school staff.  It focuses on helping you manage your personal wellbeing and the final module will help you create a Wellbeing Action Plan for your school.

Read more about our pilot study with 10 London Primary schools.

“Pursuit’s range of strategies has been well received, particularly when navigating the challenges faced by the pandemic.

Feedback has been very positive and Maria Brosnan has provided extremely helpful support.”

Dave Smith, Senior Inspector, Traded Services (Hsis) Havering School Improvement Services (HES)


The course includes over 35 bite-sized lessons; 5 downloadable mini-mindfulness practices to help you reduce anxiety and feel calm; a 4-minute workout you can do anywhere to give you a boost of energy, and much more!

Developed specifically for teachers and school leaders.

Helps you cope better with uncertainty and change.

Supports better relationships with colleagues.

Applicable to your professional and personal life.

Positive knock-on effect on pupil’s learning.

Learn wherever and whenever you feel comfortable.

Includes a pre- and post-course wellbeing assessment.

Mini quizzes throughout help reinforce your learning.

Supports the work of mental health first aiders.

Receive a certificate on course completion.

The Pursuit Wellbeing programme has offered school staff a clear, evidence-based and supportive approach to evaluating and addressing their own physical and emotional wellbeing needs.

The resources within the programme offer a balance of informative video clips, activities that encourage self-reflection and personal goal-setting, as well as suggestions on how to establish robust mechanisms for peer-support within the school environment.

By supporting the wellbeing of staff, the programme enables the adults within the school community to feel happier, healthier and valued…and better equipped to support the needs of the children in their care.”

Tracey Wraight, Health and Wellbeing Advisor, Havering Public Health Team


You’ll start the course by:

  • Taking a fully anonymised, clinical assessment of your wellbeing;
  • Learning a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals;
  • Learning how to monitor your wellbeing in seconds; and
  • How to act quickly to re-balance it when needed.


Connections with the people around you form the foundations of your wellbeing.

  • The importance of social connections;
  • How building these connections will support and enrich you;
  • Connecting with different areas of your life;
  • The ‘one thing’ you can always connect to, to build your resilience and wellbeing; and
  • A down-loadable audio guide to reduce stress or anxiety in 3 minutes or less.


Being active has enormous benefits across all aspects of your health.

  • The physical and non-physical benefits of activity to your wellbeing;
  • The best, most enjoyable ways for you to be active;
  • The surprising benefit of movement in helping you deal with stress;
  • Why it’s so hard to sleep when you’re stressed and what you can do about it; and
  • “The 4-minute Workout” you can do anywhere.

Module 3: NOTICE

Noticing is simply being more aware of what’s happening in and around you. 

  • The importance of ‘noticing’ and how it can positively affect your wellbeing;
  • How to improve your focus and attention; and how to use it to boost your wellbeing; 
  • Understand two proven practices that maximise the benefits of ‘noticing’; 
  • Learn an effective technique if you’re feeling unsettled, anxious or worried; and
  • A new mini-mindfulness download to reduce stress or anxiety in 3 minutes or less.


Learning can have a powerful effect on our wellbeing. 

  • How learning can improve your wellbeing;
  • The science of how we learn, unlearn and relearn, throughout our lives;
  • Why we don’t always follow up on our actions and what we can do about it; 
  • The power of the Learning Journey; and
  • Ideas around what you’d like to learn and the concrete steps to get started.


Giving can impact our wellbeing in surprising ways.

  • How giving to others grows our feelings of happiness and life satisfaction;
  • Why it’s hard to give sometimes (and that’s ok); 
  • Different ways in which you can give to others;
  • The often overlooked aspect of giving generously to ourselves, while avoiding the hidden trap we often fall into as teachers.


  • Explore how you can bring all you’ve learned in this course into your school, to build or rebuild a healthy, happy, thriving school culture;
  • Create a Wellbeing Action Plan for your school;
  • Complete the final assessment to see your new wellbeing score.

Download the free information pack.

I thoroughly loved the course and have used tips and strategies from it many times  to help me keep calmer during these unusual times.


Each module includes

companion Playbook

For you to complete as you progress through the course.

Bite-sized video lessons

To watch and follow at a time and place that suits you.

Guided activitIes

To help you create your personal 5-Step Wellbeing Action Plan.

Progress chart

For you to complete each day as you carry out your action.


A full, printable transcript, for each and every module.

Start the journey now and take control of your wellbeing

Our course is designed for entire school or Multi-Academy Trust staff.

Participant feedback from our pilot study was overwhelmingly positive, with
100% of participants who completed the course saying that it had met or exceeded their expectations.
Read more about the pilot research with Havering Local Authority.

All prices include access to Instant Calm. And all staff are welcome to join. This is an annual subscription.

£395.00 / year

Small School

£595.00 / year

Medium School

£795.00 / year

Large School


Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you’ll receive a beautiful Certificate of Professional Development when you complete the course.

Can we purchase for our entire school staff?

Yes, we have a very simple pricing structure, depending on the size of your school. See our ‘Buy Now’ page for more information.  We offer discounts for Multi Academy Trusts too. Please contact us for more information.


Yes you can. We have priced the program to be affordable for individuals like you who would like to invest in your own wellbeing. Ideally your school would purchase the program for you, but we recognise that some individual teachers or school leaders may be in a school where this is not possible.

How long will it take to complete the course?

It will take about half an hour per module. You can watch the videos and complete the activities for each module in one go, or space them out. The course is entirely self-directed, so work at a pace that suits you.

How long do I have access to the course for?

You have access to the course for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Do i have to complete the course in one go?

No! We recommend you spend a week or so on each module. This gives you the opportunity to take your time, create your action plan step-by-step and embed your new daily actions. But as it is self-paced, it is entirely up to you.


You can, but we have designed it very carefully to help you create healthy new habits, chosen entirely by you, and it takes time to embed these new habits.

How much time will I spend doing the actions?

Beyond the course work, you’ll get the best results if you carry out the daily actions from your action plan. We’d recommend at least 10 minutes a day, but that’s entirely up to you. The good news is that these are things that you will have chosen, that you’ll enjoy doing! 

“Stress is contagious; if we can decrease it, our children will have greater access to their potential.  The online wellbeing training from Pursuit will impact your whole community – as everyone benefits from calmer, more connected teachers.”

Vanessa McHardy, Integrative Psychotherapist, Director Light Education Training.