Being an Authentic and Humane Leader

Jul 16, 2021 | Podcast

“Every decision I made that was ill-informed meant that people were losing a little bit of faith in me.”

Dan Edwards is the principal of Woodstock Primary Academy, a large primary school in the heart of Leicester City. He shares the best piece of advice he was ever given as a school leader, and how that’s shaped his leadership today.

This episode is especially helpful for those new to leadership or starting a new position in the next academic year.

We talk about:

  • How to be the most authentic and genuinely humane leader. 
  • The key steps to transparent leadership.
  • Building or rebuilding parental engagement.
  • Creating a healthy school culture and genuine staff wellbeing.
  • The single thing that makes the biggest difference to staff wellbeing.
  • How to know if you’re “getting things right”.
  • How to harness the sense of being facilitators of learning, rather than positioning ourselves at the front of the classroom as “teachers and talkers”.
  • And much more.

“(New leaders…) sometimes misplace trust by professing to know everything “the saviour is here – someone’s going to give us all the answers” and that’s wrong because we don’t know all the answers.”

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Instagram dan_edwardsed

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