Headteacher Health and Wellbeing

Assessing the Impact: Headteacher Heart Health Programme Pilot

To evaluate the effectiveness of the Headteacher Heart Health programme, we conducted a pilot in collaboration with the Essex Primary Headteacher Association (EPHA) from June 2021 to November 2021. The programme was attended by 12 voluntary participants from the EPHA Executive.

This comprehensive programme is founded on the recognition that psychological stress is a well-established health risk factor and is an independent contributor to coronary heart disease (Wirtz and von Känel, 2017).

Through targeted interventions and evidence-based techniques, we aimed to address the challenges of stress and its potential effects on the heart.

By implementing the programme, we were able to demonstrate a measurable positive impact on participants’ wellbeing and heart health. 

Hear from Jacquie on the impact the Heart Health for Headteacher Programme has had on her leadership, health and personal life. How understanding the effect stress was having on her body led to her recovery from Long Covid and heart palpitations, and no longer feeling exhausted at the end of every term.

“For me personally, (the training) has been life changing.”

Jacquie Chambers, Headteacher, St Mary’s C of E Primary School

“(The Heart Health for Headteachers programme) is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s completely changed me as a professional.“

James Newman, Headteacher, Epsom and Ewell High School

“I needed to do something to help me otherwise I would be leaving Headship.”

Peter S, Headteacher

“It gives you the knowledge of how everything in your body works and gives you the tools to prepare, adapt and recover.”

Sue Nardoni, Headteacher, Pyrcroft Grange Primary School

“The programme allowed me to get back to the level I felt I ought to be, and that I absolutely needed to be.”

Dom, Headteacher

Breathe Your Way to Brain Health:

Surprising Insights into Alzheimer’s Prevention

Discover how to protect your heart and brain health through our Heart Health for Headteachers program. Recent groundbreaking research, led by Professor Mara Mather, offers hope against Alzheimer’s disease using the same methods we use.