about us

“Thanks so much for everything.”

”As you know at the end of last term I was going to leave as the stress had overwhelmed me. However I am still here and am managing so much better.” 

Headteacher, Sussex Primary School.

Introducing Maria Brosnan: Empowering Educational Leadership and Wellbeing

Maria Brosnan is a specialist in educational leadership, health, and wellbeing, with over three decades of experience as a counsellor, coach, author, and public speaker.

Throughout her career, Maria has worked with individuals and renowned companies, including British Airways, Burberry, and The Body Shop, as well as countless school leaders in the UK and internationally.

Passionate about promoting holistic wellbeing in the education sector, Maria founded Pursuit Wellbeing as a platform offering education, training, and coaching. 

Prior to setting up Pursuit, Maria co-founded and managed the award-winning education technology company Striver. She hosted of the podcast, “Pursuit of Wellbeing,” and her acclaimed book, “Pursuit of Sleep for Teachers,” provides practical guidance for educators seeking to enhance their sleep quality.

“As the founder of Pursuit, I’ve witnessed firsthand the complex challenges that Headteachers confront daily. 

From budget constraints and staffing uncertainties to navigating accountability and curriculum changes, it’s an immense responsibility to create a safe, inclusive environment while nurturing students’ wellbeing and academic growth. 

Balancing these complex roles demands exceptional dedication and resilience. 

I strongly believe that improving the health and wellbeing of our school leaders can profoundly change the trajectory of health and educational outcomes for our young people. 

That’s precisely why I created Pursuit – to empower educators like you with health and wellbeing information and training, not only transforming your lives but also positively impacting the children you support.”

Maria Brosnan, Founder of Pursuit.

Introducing Dr. Carla Stanton: Medical Expert and Wellbeing Advisor

Dr. Carla Stanton is a highly accomplished GP and Certified Functional Medicine Doctor with a wealth of clinical experience spanning over 20 years.

Dr. Stanton delivers  performance and wellbeing programmes to doctors and frontline medical  professionals. Her commitment to promoting wellbeing extends globally as she facilitates biofeedback research on an international scale.

Drawing upon her expertise, Dr. Stanton serves as an advisor and co-creator of the Heart Health for Headteachers programme. Her guidance and insights have been instrumental in designing the programme.

She is also the  Medical Director of HeartMath UK, the company that created the biofeedback technology and techniques for increasing resilience and reducing stress used in the Heart Health programme.

“Living in these unprecedented times of challenge and change, Headteachers are continually being pushed from all sides. But, no matter who we are, how well trained or smart we may be – ultimately, we are ALL only as good as our physiology.

It’s a scientific fact that if we are living in long-term stress, our brain and body begins to deteriorate. Initially this can present as poor focus, fatigue, or irritability, but over time can progress to difficulty innovating, communicating, and problem-solving, and ultimately emotional, mental or physical ill-health.

This is why as a GP and researcher I am so passionate about teaching you scientifically-validated techniques to take charge of your heart health, recover more quickly from the inevitable challenges of your day-to-day life, and begin to experience greater energy, productivity, joy and fulfilment not only in your life but as a knock-on effect, in lives of your colleagues, students, family and community.”

Dr. Carla Stanton, PURSUIT

Using Technology

Maria and Carla are qualified HeartMath Coaches and use the technology and research in their training.

The Inner Balance™ Bluetooth Sensor for Android and iPhone is an innovative approach to improving health and performance through monitoring of your heart rhythms, and proven strategies to improve them.

Contact us to find out more about our new Heart Health for Headteachers Programme program using this innovative technology and approach to health and wellbeing.

“I was skeptical about the programme at first, but thought ‘what have I got to lose?’ I cannot recommend it highly enough. I don’t go home broken any more.”

Paula Derwin, Headteacher, Hazelmere Junior School