Wellbeing Findings from 8,000 teachers with Laura McInerney

Nov 25, 2020 | Podcast

Laura McInerney is the Co-Founder of Teacher Tapp, the daily survey app that asks over 8,000 teachers each day about what they want, need, think and feel.

Laura shares her insights into what’s happening in schools right now and patterns that have emerged over years.

In this highly practical episode, Laura shares her insights into:

  • The high and sustained levels of headteacher anxiety at present, compared to this time last year;
  • What causes high levels of anxiety for teachers;
  • The most important (and surprising) predictor of whether you’re likely to stay in your job;
  • The reasons we lose so many teachers early in their career and towards the end of their career;
  • What’s the smallest ‘biggest improvement’ you can make in school now;
  • Being honest about reality for you;
  • How to find the right role for you in school;
  • And much more!

Laura was formerly the editor of Schools Week. She is one of the Guardian’s education columnists and taught for six years in London state schools.

“We have a finite amount of life; a finite amount of energy and we have to decide where it goes.”

You can connect with Laura:

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