Be Kind to Yourself to Prevent Burnout with Mrs Humanities

Jan 9, 2021 | Podcast

“Accept how you’re feeling; it’s ok if you do not feel ok. It’s ok to find things hard. I felt guilty and selfish. I got to point of burnout and break down and it would have been better not to get there.”

Victoria Hewitt is the teacher behind ‘Mrs Humanities’. She’s the author of Making it as a Teacher and a proud ambassador for the UK charity, the Education Support Partnership.

In this generous and insightful episode, Victoria shares:

  • Her journey through the first 5 years of teaching
  • The humanities resources she creates and shares freely with colleagues
  • Her personal experience of burnout and why it’s so important to reach out for support sooner rather than later – it’s not going to get better on its own
  • Why it’s so important to regularly check-in with yourself
  • The symptoms of burnout to watch out for
  • The power of setting boundaries and learning to say ‘no’
  • Teacher 5-a-day as a powerful wellbeing framework
  • and much more…

** If you’re feeling continuous or lasting symptoms of dread, shakiness, feeling sick, overly emotional or persistently anxious or stressed, please call Education Support on 08000 562 561 [UK] to get some guidance. You are not alone.

You can connect with Victoria:

On Twitter

Her website is

Her book is Making it as a Teacher

You can read more about the Eisenhower Matrix she mentioned. The Education Support website is


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