The Power of Relationships for Wellbeing with Kelly Hannaghan

Jan 5, 2021 | Podcast

“What daily, weekly, monthly habits can you put in your diary right now that will keep you doing your job safe and well, and happy?”

Kelly Hannaghan is a Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant with The Education People and through her business Mind Work Matters.

In this kind and gentle episode, Kelly offers a great opportunity to reflect and consider what your wellbeing needs are, and how to approach them in 2021 as an individual and a school. She shares her thoughts and practical advice on:

  • how to develop a whole-school approach for positive mental health and wellbeing for everyone in school
  • the steps to ensure the voices of all stakeholders are heard (including staff, pupils, families, the wider community and other agencies)
  • creating practical resource hubs to meet the needs of your community
  • what to do when parents get caught up in shame or guilt and don’t ask for the support they need
  • dealing with the dreaded ‘imposter syndrome’ of feeling not good enough
  • building strong foundations for therapeutic and holistic work by building positive and trusting relationship with others
  • and much more!

Kelly is an active blogger and writer on Wellbeing and Mental health and has received many awards and acknowledgements for her work in embedding whole-school wellbeing approaches. Her work has been recognised by the DFE and many other organisations and charities.

You can connect with Kelly:

On Twitter

On LinkedIn

The Education People

Her email is

The virtual conference she mentioned is Leading Mental Health in Schools with the Education People on the 3rd of February.


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