Character Matters with Adrian McLean

Jan 29, 2021 | Podcast

“In June 2020, I made a #DiverseEd Pledge to continue to help, support and grow the number of Black males (from all denominations of Black) in teaching and Senior Leadership.

However, 7 months on, the realisation struck me… are we treating the symptom rather than the cause?”

Adrian is a former headteacher and experienced Senior Leader. He currently leads across a Multi-Academy Trust in the West Midlands developing Character Education and Personal Development.

In this wise and insightful episode, we discuss:

  • Why do so few Black teachers (male and female) become school leaders?
  • Research shows that at the age of 11, young black boys’ results are average or above average. What happens during secondary school that causes these results to plummet?
  • How do we break this cycle?
  • What’s the importance of Character Education and Personal Development?
  • Are our school values ‘lived’ or ‘laminated’?
  • The power of kindness and appreciating there is only one race – the human race.
  • And much more.

Adrian is passionate about representation, ethical leadership and positively disrupting the system. He’s currently reading a Masters in Character Education at the University of Birmingham.

He is a visible role model for a generation of school leaders in his commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

You can connect with Adrian:

On Twitter

His website is Adrian McLean Consultancy

On LinkedIn


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