Leading a Culture of Wellbeing with Patrick Ottley O’Connor

Oct 28, 2020 | Podcast

Being a teacher, leader or member of the support staff is tough. So how do you look after yourself first, so you can make the biggest difference for your learners? How do you ‘do less, better’ in terms of your wellbeing and leadership, whatever your role in school?

Patrick Ottley-O’Connor is a Headteacher. He’s been a teacher for 34+ years, including 27 years as a senior leader, and 17 years as a Principal.

In this insightful conversation full of practical ideas, he shares:

  • The benefits of putting mental health and wellbeing at the heart of school improvement;
  • How to create a culture of mental health and wellbeing;
  • Why he is a ‘Wellbeing Supermodel’ as a Headteacher;
  • Why wellbeing is not a soft option;
  • His personal leadership mantra;
  • How to flip the narrative around appraisal;
  • The key method he uses to manage and model his own wellbeing;
  • The vital importance of induction for new staff or staff into new roles;
  • The key role of governors in supporting wellbeing;
  • And much more!

Patrick coaches many aspiring, new and experienced headteachers and CEOs, particularly those facing significant challenge both in the UK and internationally.

He leads and facilitates a variety of leadership programmes, ranging from Middle to Executive Leadership courses. He is a DfE coach for the Women Leading in Education initiative. Patrick is also a Trustee of the Wardle Trust and founding Director of Collaborative Leadership Ltd.

You can connect with Patrick:

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