Legal and Moral Obligations in School with Emma Webster

Oct 6, 2020 | Podcast

In the current challenging circumstances, it can feel overwhelming as a school leader to know what’s ‘the ‘right thing to do’. Guidelines are open to such wide interpretation that it can feel like a legal or employment minefield.

Emma Webster is an Employment Solicitor with over 15 years experience advising employers and employees, without litigation.

In this fascinating conversation with Emma, she explains:

  • The number one thing for the Senior Leadership Team to focus on in these challenging times.
  • Is ‘wellbeing’ a legal concept?
  • How to support a staff member with anxiety. NB. According to the Equality Act, a disability means a physical or a mental condition which has a substantial and long-term impact on your ability to do normal day to day activities.
  • Can you guarantee staff safety in your school?
  • Interpreting the guidelines.
  • Enlisting support from the Unions and Governors.
  • What to do if a member of staff is too anxious to work or wants to shield a family member.
  • How to approach pregnancy and maternity?
  • The difference between a legal obligation and a moral obligation.
  • Where do morality and kindness come into play.
  • And much more!

Emma is currently a consultant with YESS (having previously been CEO), a charity which provides employment law advice focussed on avoiding litigation and resolving disputes.

You can connect with Emma:

On Twitter @Emmakwebster and @YESSLaw

The YESS Law website is

The Maternity Action website is


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