Stress, Resilience and the Pursuit of Happiness with Professor Jo Clarke.

Jun 18, 2021 | Podcast


“We have the potential to lead stress-free lives. We know that it’s possible because we have evidence and training.”


Professor Jo Clarke is a former Forensic Psychologist and worked in the criminal justice (prison) system for 23 years. She’s the Founder and Director of Petros, a not-for-profit company dedicated to helping people of all ages live more resilient, balanced and productive lives.


In this episode, Jo shares fascinating insights into:

  • human behaviour, in both adults and young people;
  • ‘resilience’ and defining it in a practical and meaningful way;
  • managing challenging situations and emotions, and how to ‘file them away neatly with courage and honesty’;
  • what our emotions are  communicating with us and the best ways to respond to them;
  • her research (with colleagues at York University) into the one thing that teachers find most stressful;
  • how we can thrive in high-risk jobs;
  • a wonderful philosophy from Ross Greene that “kids do well if they can, not if they want to”;
  • THE fundamental human need we all need to be met, and how to meet it;
  • the 4 powerful principles that underpin her training around stress (one of them is “Stress is a choice”!)
  • epigenetics, and how to not to be a victim to your genetics;
  • and so much more!

“We fall asleep to the pressures that we’re under. Be awake, not sleepwalk through life.”


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