Being a More Purposeful Educator with Naomi Ward

May 23, 2021 | Podcast

“Your purpose is often what you’re most longing for.”

Naomi Ward has over 14 years experience in the classroom and leadership and is the founder of Purposeful Educators.

In this insightful, practical, and at times very moving episode, Naomi shares:

  • Her definition of ‘purpose’, and how to help us find clarity around the two aspects of it
  • The three ‘levels of purpose’, and her simple advice on how to find which level you’re at and how to deepen your sense of purpose
  • The magic that comes from living purposefully
  • The beautiful story of Danni, a teacher feeling lost after coming back from maternity leave who rediscovers her purpose
  • ‘Possiping’ – the affirming group practice that brings people back to themselves
  • The importance of having a clear and transparent purpose for your school
  • Simple practices you can do moment to moment; Dealing with guilt
  • How to be part of a ‘purpose revolution’ in schools across the UK and internationally
  • And much more.

You can connect with Naomi:

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Her website is

Other people and things mentioned in the podcast:

The Heart Aroused by David Whyte. The poem is an extract from La Poesia by Pablo Neruda.

The Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher Project [MTPT] #MTPTproject

The Compassionate Teacher by Andy Sammons

Kristen Neff

Tara Brach

Naomi is enrolling for her next Purposeful Leadership programme beginning on Wednesday 9th June. You can join here which includes a 10% discount for listeners of the podcast!


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