Life is Happening FOR You not TO You with Mark Taylor

May 16, 2021 | Podcast

“Life will work for us, rather than against us. The more you allow that to happen, the more it does happen.”

Mark Taylor has been a professional percussionist for 25 years and has performed with some of the UK’s finest orchestras and theatre companies.

He is also a teacher; vice-chair of the National Association for Primary Education and host of the Education on Fire podcast.

Mark shares his wisdom from years as a musician, teacher, and podcaster and the numerous conversation he had with people who all had one common purpose – to improve the educational experiences and outcomes for children and young people.

In this wide-ranging and deeply personal episode, Mark shares:

  • How a person’s beliefs and their environment combine to influence their wellbeing
  • How the atmosphere of a school was transformed by a simple exercise
  • How this deeply affected the relationships across pupils and staff (so simple, you could try it in your school)
  • And his personal story as a parent with a child who suffered with mental illness, and attempted to take her own life.

You can connect with Mark:

On Twitter

His website is

Mark created a list of podcasts that may be of interest to you, which you can find at


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