Developing Our Executive Function Skills with Victoria Bagnall

Jun 15, 2021 | Podcast

“Our Executive Functions are core brain processes that help us regulate our emotions, organise our time and our thoughts, and to do the advanced human activities that we need so much to participate in the modern world.”

Victoria Bagnall is an education professional, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Connections in Mind, an executive functions focused coaching and training company.

In this fascinating conversation, Victoria shares her passion for improving opportunities for people with executive function challenges.

  • What are ‘executive functions’?
  • the 3 key aspects of executive functions
  • why coaching is such a useful and proven model for developing executive function skills
  • the key factors that are required for our executive functions to work optimally
  • identifying the skill that’s missing that need to be developed
  • how to reframe negative self-talk and help people (of any age) think “I can do something about this”
  • Dr. Daniel Siegel’s ‘Hand Model of the Brain’
  • and much more.

You can connect with Victoria

On Twitter ConninMind

On Facebook Connections in Mind

On Instagram Connections in Mind

On LinkedIn at Victoria Bagnall

Their websites are 

Their Free Course on ‘Introduction to Executive Functions’ is available at  

The Forum for Future Education event on June 22nd information and tickets are available  at

Also mentioned in this podcast 

Dr. Daniel Siegel’s Hand Model of the Brain

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And Maria’s book, The Pursuit of Sleep for teachers, is available now.


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