Sam Moinet

Sam Moinet is a former History teacher and the founder of ‘Student Breakthrough’.

As an international speaker and coach, his aim is to transform emotional support for young people and create lasting change for future generations.

Her podcast episode is: The Revolution in Student Wellbeing

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Anne Hudson

Anne Hudson is a human resource professional with over 25 year’s experience in HR, much of it working in education with schools.

Anne suggests a very effective strategy for supporting Headteacher’s wellbeing might be a short Sabbatical. She has prepared some key documents to help you consider and implement it. Please contact her directly using her email below.

Her podcast episode is: A Practical Strategy to Avoid Headteacher Burnout

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Hannah Wilson

Hannah Wilson is a former Executive Headteacher and currently a leadership development consultant, coach and facilitator.

She is well known for her work around Diversity, Inclusion and Equality. She’s a collaborator across a number of networks including those she co-founded such as #WomenEd and #DiverseEd.

Her podcast episode is: Regaining Your Mojo

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Dame Alison Peacock

Dame Alison Peacock is Chief Executive of the Chartered College of Teaching, a new professional body that seeks to raise the status of teaching through celebrating, supporting and connecting teachers to provide expert teaching and leadership.

Prior to joining the Chartered College, Alison was Executive Headteacher of The Wroxham School in Hertfordshire.

Her podcast episode is: The Profession Knows Best

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Steve Carr

Steve Carr is the founder of “A Mind to Teach”. He was an English and Film teacher, Head of Faculty and member of the senior leadership team in London and Hertfordshire schools for 20 years.

He’s a qualified and experienced executive coach and consultant working with teachers, senior leadership teams and senior management in the public service.

He has an MA in Emotional Factors of Learning and Teaching and Organisational Psychology.

Her podcast episode is: Putting Good Relationships at the Heart of Great Learning

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Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose co-founded “Flexible Teacher Talent” with Lindsay Patience. They are passionate about normalising flexible working in schools in order to retain effective teachers and leaders.

Lucy joined the profession as an early Teach First participant in 2004 and progressed to Assistant Headteacher. She is currently teaching English part-time in a London comprehensive school.

Her podcast episode is: The Power of Flexible Working

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Simon Ward

Simon Ward is a Senior Educational Psychologist in the Wirral in the North of England, where his specialism is positive psychology and wellbeing.

As an Educational Psychologist, he is particularly interested in the application of positive psychology in schools and classrooms.

His podcast episode is: Coping in a Crisis

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Louis Donald

Louis Donald is an executive leader at Stowe Valley Multi Academy Trust, leading safeguarding across nine schools and six Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) settings as the Director of Safeguarding.

Louis supported the work of the Department for Education (DfE) throughout the COVID19 Pandemic, advising on the impact and effectiveness of the Government safeguarding strategy.

His podcast episode is: Safeguarding in the New Normal

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You can watch Dr Carlene Firmin’s TED talk here

Ruth Davies

Ruth Davies is the President of the National Association of Headteachers (NAHT) and the headteacher of Waunarlwydd Primary school in Wales.

Ruth passionately believes in the role education has to play in advancing the interests of children and their families.

Her podcast episode is: A New Vision for Bold Leaders

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Sinéad McBrearty

Sinéad McBrearty is the Chief Executive Officer of Education Support, the only UK charity dedicated to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of education staff in schools, colleges and universities.

Sinéad advocates for a systemic approach to wellbeing and mental health, highlighting the significance of teacher wellbeing for pupil learning and mental health, as well as social and economic outcomes.

Her podcast episode is: Supporting Educators

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Education Support free helpline number is 08000 562 561

Adrian McLean

Adrian McLean is a former headteacher and experienced Senior Leader. He currently leads across a Multi Academy Trust in the West Midlands developing Character Education and Personal Development.

Adrian is passionate about representation, ethical leadership and positively disrupting the system. He’s currently reading a Masters in Character Education at the University of Birmingham.

His podcast episode is: Character Matters

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Bukky Yusuf

Bukky Yusuf is a senior leader, science teacher and coach. She’s had a number of leadership roles within mainstream and special schools and is an ambassador for Leadership Matters.

Bukky is a Network Leader and coach with grassroots organisations WomenEd and BAMEed.

Her podcast episode is: Exploring EdTech, Wellbeing and Poetry

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Maria Brosnan

Maria Brosnan is the Founder of Pursuit Wellbeing; host of The Pursuit of Wellbeing Podcast; author of The Pursuit of Sleep for teachers and a passionate advocate for teacher wellbeing.

This episode is a bit different than normal, as I’m the guest rather than the host!

I recorded it with Caroline from Cornerstones Education for their podcast show, The Curriculum. We talk about a subject very dear to my heart – sleep.

The podcast episode is: How to Break the Sleep Stress Cycle

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Victoria Hewitt

Victoria Hewitt is the teacher behind ‘Mrs Humanities’. She’s the author of ‘Making it as a Teacher’ and a proud ambassador for the UK charity, the Education Support Partnership.

Victoria shares her personal experience of burnout; key ways to identify it and how to deal with it before it happens.

Her podcast episode is: Be Kind to Yourself to Prevent Burnout

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Kelly Hannaghan

Kelly Hannaghan is a Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant and writer. She has received many awards and acknowledgements for her work in embedding whole-school wellbeing approaches.

She has over 20 years experience working within educational settings and currently works with The Education People and her business Mind Work Matters.

Her podcast episode is: The Power of Relationships for Wellbeing

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Andy Mellor

Andy Mellor has over 30 years experience teaching and leading in the state education system in England.

He is a Past President of the NAHT [National Association of Headteachers] and is currently the National Wellbeing Director for the Schools Advisory Service, leading their National Wellbeing Partnership.

In this episode, Andy doesn’t pull any punches. It is FULL of practical advice on how to make a positive difference in your school, within a system he believes is fundamentally broken.

His podcast episode is: Fixing a Broken System

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Mal Krishnasamy

Mal Krishnasamy is an Educational Consultant & Coach.

With almost 20 years experience in education as a teacher, middle leader, then Senior Assistant Principal across a multi-academy trust, she’s seen it all.

Her podcast episode is: How to be an Assertive Leader

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Kathryn Grice

Kathryn Grice was a secondary English Teacher for ten years, and Head of Department. She left full time teaching in 2016 and founded the Teacher Empowerment Project.

The Teacher Empowerment Project platform signposts CPD and communities, wellbeing advice, support and new career opportunities.

Her podcast episode is: Teacher Empowerment

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Laura McInerney

Laura McInerney is the Co-Founder of Teacher Tapp, the daily survey app that asks over 8,000 teachers each day about what they want, need, think and feel.

Laura was formerly the editor of Schools Week. She is one of the Guardian’s education columnists and taught for six years in London state schools.

Her podcast episode is: Wellbeing Findings from 8,000 teachers.

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Ernest Jenavs

Ernest Jenavs is the CEO of Edurio, the research company responsible for the largest comprehensive review of the Covid-19 impact on schools in England to date.

He is co-author of the research which had 45,000 pupils, parents and staff take part across 277 schools.

His podcast episode is: COVID-19 IMPACT ON SCHOOLS

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John Magee -The Kindness Coach

John is a speaker, coach and best selling author.

His best selling book, Kindness Matters, has been described as “the one book that will transform your life and the lives of others.”

His global movement “Kindness Matters” reaches over 100,000 people daily on social media.

His podcast episode is: Kindness Matters

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His best selling book, Kindness Matters is widely available.
Read more about Hal Elrod’s “The Miracle Morning”


Ross McGill

Ross McGill is an experienced senior teacher with a career-history spanning 25+ years working in state schools across London. He is the founder of Teacher Toolkit and is an award-winning teacher, author and blogger.

In 2015, Ross was nominated as one of the ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain’ for his influence on education with his blog and resources having reached over 11 million people.

And he’s the author of 7 books, including:

  • Just Great Teaching
  • Mark. Plan. Teach
  • 60-Second CPD and more, which you can find on his website and Amazon.

His podcast episode is The Teacher Toolkit

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Patrick Ottley-O’Connor

Patrick is the Headteacher at Westhoughton High School in Bolton.

He has been a teacher for 34+ years, including 27 years as senior leader 17 years as a head Principal/Executive Principal in secondary, primary and special schools.

Patrick coaches many aspiring, new and experienced headteachers and CEOs, particularly those facing significant challenges both in the UK and internationally.

Married to Mel with 5 sons & living the #teacher5aday dream as a Wellbeing Supermodel!

His podcast episode is Leading a Culture of Wellbeing.

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Beth Kelley

Beth is a psychotherapist, consultant, coach, and author.

She recently co-authored a book called Teaching, Learning, and Trauma: Responsive practices for holding steady in turbulent times.

She loves working with schools that are committed to caring for their most valuable resource…their people.

Beth is joining us from Colorado.

Her podcast episode is Holding Steady in Turbulent Times.

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Mark Goodwin

For 20 years, Mark was a teacher, school leader, trainer & coach.

He’s now the founder of Equal Parts Education, delivering turnaround programmes to permanently excluded young people.

He works with staff on behaviour & well being through teaching schools, schools and universities. Mark’s passion is still the classroom and most days he’s teaching across all phases in special, alternative or mainstream with particular needs.

His podcast episode is 5 Ways to Manage Boys with Challenging Behaviour

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Emma is an employment solicitor with over 15 years experience advising employers and employees.

She is currently a consultant with YESS (having previously been CEO), a charity which provides employment law advice focussed on avoiding litigation and resolving disputes.

Her podcast episode is Legal and Moral Obligations in School

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She has worked with UKHeads Up providing training in schools for the last 8 years.

Emma also sits as an Employment Tribunal Judge.

You can connect with Emma:
On Twitter @Emmakwebster and @YESSLaw
The YESS Law website is
The Maternity Action website is

Adele Bates

Pupil behaviour is the second highest reason why teachers leave the profession (behind workload.)

Adele shares her key strategies for teachers, school leaders and educators who are struggling to engage pupils with challenging behaviour; who want to create inclusive classrooms where learning is the focus.

Adele is a behaviour and Education Specialist with over 18 years’ experience.

She’s had juice poured on her head, been whacked by a skateboard, and taught a year 7 pupil who has experienced severe trauma, how to read their first ever word.

Her podcast episode is Struggling with Pupil Behaviour?

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Adele is an educator and advocate for inclusion in education and students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs. Adele teaches these pupils in a variety of educational settings and trains others to do so.

She is a TEDx Speaker 2020 and a forthcoming author of the Behaviour Guide “Miss, I don’t give a sh*t.” with Sage Publications.

You can connect with Adele:
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Her Websitewhere you can join her 6-week mini-CPD training on supporting behaviour for teachers and pupils, available for just £15.
She’s currently writing her new book, “Miss, I don’t give a sh*t.” published by Sage Publications.

Therese Hoyle

Therese has over 25 years’ teaching experience in mainstream & special education.

Since 1996 Therese has worked nationally and internationally with over 450 schools and organisations, and more than 14,500 individuals.

She has inspired them with her programmes: Flourishing Schools, Keys to Wellbeing, Positive Playtime, Circle Time, Positive Behaviour Management, Emotional Literacy and Leadership Coaching programmes.

Therese has a passion for creating positive school environments and for supporting children in reaching their full and true potential.

Her podcast episode is Simple Strategies to Improve Teacher Stress

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Download her free Wellbeing Toolkit
She is the best Selling Author and her books are widely available:

  • 101 Playground Games
  • 101 Wet Playtime Games
  • Therese is contributing author of How to Be a Peaceful School.

Kimberley Evans

Kimberley began her teaching career over 20 years ago.

She left teaching 2 years ago to set up Nourish the Workplace to make a difference in the profession she loves. After seeing many people leave education due to unhappiness and workload she made a commitment to show schools how easy it is to improve staff wellbeing. 

Nourish the Workplace gives schools the tools it needs to prioritise and celebrate staff wellbeing It provides the tools to give every member of staff a voice and helps the school recognise their staff and their particular needs. 

Her podcast episode is Missing the School Staffroom?

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Vanessa McHardy

Vanessa is an Integrative Child Psychotherapist who works in schools and has a private practice in London.

Vanessa has developed a therapeutic return to school series of programmes and initiatives through the generous funding of the Lars Windhorst Foundation, you can find these at the website

She is a specialist in practical, simple life skills that support mental health and wellbeing.

Her podcast episode is 3 Simple Tools to Manage Stress in the Classroom

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You can connect with Vanessa:
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Frederika Roberts

Frederika is a speaker, trainer, author and occasional lecturer in Positive and Character Education and Positive Psychology.

Frederika is passionate about supporting schools in enabling individuals and communities to flourish and, to this end, has completed a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and is undertaking a Doctorate in Education to underpin her work in schools.

She is the Founder and Managing Director of Educate to Flourish CIC, a not-for-profit organisation set up to support children’s flourishing during and beyond their years in education.

Her podcast episode is: Enhancing School Wellbeing through Character Strengths

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You can connect with Frederika:
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Her websites are and
Her book For Flourishing’s Sake and is widely available.

John Rees

John is an experienced teacher, speaker, coach, trainer and consultant with more than 25 years educational leadership experience.

John is passionately committed to improving the learning and life chances of children and young people.

He provides training & consultancy in PSHE [Personal, Social, Emotional Health] Citizenship and SMSC [Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development] and all aspects of school improvement, supporting individuals, organisations and Local Authorities, including public health teams.

His podcast episode is: Supporting NQTs, RQTs and their Mentors

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You can connect with John:
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His Website

Sonia Gill

Sonia is a qualified teacher who has taught all ages from 4 to 16. She’s also had a successful career in business, having been selected onto the prestigious John Lewis leadership programme.

Sonia founded her company Headsup in 2011 where she and her team have been supporting schools to become genuinely outstanding. The schools they support are four times more likely to gain or maintain their outstanding judgement.

She’s the author of two Number 1 ranked books, ‘Journey to Outstanding’ and ‘Successful Difficult Conversations in school’.

Her podcast episode is: School Leadership in a Time of Crisis

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You can connect with Sonia:
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Her Website
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Her Number 1 ranked books are widely available: Journey to Outstanding and Successful Difficult Conversations in school.

Dr. Sue Roffey

Sue is a psychologist, academic, author, activist and speaker. She is currently an honorary professor at universities in the UK and Australia and the Director of Growing Great Schools Worldwide.

Sue is a prolific author, having written chapters, blogs and numerous books on issues related to school and student wellbeing such as behaviour, relationships and social/emotional learning.

Her podcast episode is: ASPIRE to Wellbeing in School

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You can connect with Sue:
On Twitter
Her Website
Her TedX Talk is “School as Family Education Aligned with Healthy Child Development.”
Her books are available on her website and widely elsewhere:
The Primary Behaviour Cookbook, The Secondary Behaviour Cookbook, Circle Solutions for Student Wellbeing

Sam Garner

Sam is a qualified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, she trains education staff nationally and internationally, is a published author of the book Mental Health in Education – Building Good Foundations’.

Sam is a renowned speaker and trainer on Mental Health and Special Educational Needs (SEN) and an ex SENCo. She writes CBT programmes to be used in schools.

Her podcast episode is: The 3 “Musts” That Cause Teachers Anxiety and Stress

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You can connect with Sam:
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Her Website
Her book is ‘Mental Health in Education – Building Good Foundations.’